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My father is an avid history book reader.  I used to love digging through his war books and reading the accounts of hundreds of historic military maneuvers.  The strategy employed determined the triumph or defeat of nearly every battle we read about today.  When it comes to advertising, applying tactics to the battle of persuasion can determine the success or failure of your message.

Moving a client from awareness to the point of purchase requires a clear and definite strategy.  For some industries, only a brief engagement is required.  Take, for example, food.  Hunger is an immediate need, and a billboard shouting an attractive price point or the promise of food only minutes away is an easy message.  Tactic: Feature driven ad, promising good food at a good price.

Conversely, when dealing with a larger item that requires deeper commitment, a different strategy must be employed.  Take, for example, a pool company.  Purchasing a pool is a major decision; it’s a bigger price point, bigger commitment, bigger upkeep.   A long term strategy appealing to the emotions of the buyer is in the best interest of the advertiser (the price, at this point, can be a prohibitive message).  A smart advertiser knows that “digging in” over time, keeping their name out there, builds recognition.  Recognition builds trust, and when the client is ready to surrender, the strategy has paid off.  Tactic: Longer advertising rotation, emotionally appealing message. 

How about you?  Are you intelligently engaging potential customers?  I don’t need to tell you what poor planning does; history has a long tally of losses that don’t need repeated.  Developing tactical strategy might not be easy, and it will take time…but seeing your effort translate to a win makes it all worth it.

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Christy Schale, Creative Director | christy@kegerreis.com I’ve been involved in the creative process in one way or another since I was a child, singing and dancing my heart out on stage at my church. It’s not just what I do, it’s my life.

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2013: Bus Shelter Whisperer  –>  2014: Shelter Ad Guru?

There is a lot to be said for the work I do.  That’s why I tell people all about my world of advertising.

Kegerreis Outdoor Advertising leads me through learning by experience. I have been with Kegerreis Outdoor a month and a half, and been immersed in the billboard Kool-aid. So what’s the secret ingredient?

I believe in the product I’m selling.

My medium is an affordable vehicle I can use to help people: namely, small business owners. I just have to show them what an ad with KOA can do for them. That means working with a clientele the size of roughly half of our bus shelter displays (1100).

I have learned about the business of people.  But I also learn from them. My diverse client base comes from Northeastern PA, New Jersery, and Southern New York. Ultimately, I want to give them a custom customer experience.

However, you can’t treat them like customers, a term that implies a simple relationship between our pockets. The only way to do that is to treat them like more than that – the way I want to be treated. That means compromise, empathy and awareness. There’s no reason to burn bridges. You know you’re in the right place when your environment reflects your internal values.

This is just a drop of the Kool-aid. There’s no way to predict what I will learn in 2014, but I am open to any possibilities. Being the bus shelter “whisperer” means that I will become the authority of these accounts. Aside from certain tricks of the trade, I know that experience will serve me best. Though 2014 will hold many new things, I won’t forget what got me here: I need to keep doing the same passionate work on a day to day basis. The New Year is made up of 365 chances to do something wonderful, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to do that.

So as a customer service manager, bus shelter prospector, saleswoman, resource synchronizer and blog writer…

Have a happy and productive New Year!

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Whether it's poetry, personal thoughts, academic arguments, etc., I love to write! I'm a customer service manager at Kegerreis, and I work with bus shelter advertisers who want to grow their business.

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  1. Gina Rost January 24, 2014 at 11:23 am · Reply

    I am Austin’s aunt and it is amazing to see how he has grown and changed KOA. Your excitement about the new year is refreshing . It sounds like KOA is lucky to have you. Good luck in 2014.

    • Becky Star February 10, 2014 at 4:46 pm · Reply

      Thank you for your comment and kind words! I am also very fortunate to have found the family.

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Source:  Andrew, Heather. “The Science Behind the Art of Outdoor.” Ocean Outdoor May 2013

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My degree is in Marketing. My passion is Advertising. I have 5 years of media-related experience in doing what I love.

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